The close connection between craftsman and forest is the basis of all his creations. The passion for wood as a material. The eternal search for imperfection. A search for the authenticity that can only come from nature itself.

With the utmost respect for the bigger picture, and total commitment right down to the last finishing touch, Stefan Knopp reveals the life story that the tree has been waiting to tell. As more unique features emerge, so do the character and impact of the table that takes shape under his hands.

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Fire and water. Two powerful elements that could not be more sharply opposed. And that's precisely what makes them so incredibly exciting for Stefan Knopp.

Fire is both formative and destructive.
Water paints patterns and reveals what lies beneath. Stefan Knopp draws on both elements for his specialised surface treatment techniques. To set the tree's life story free. To reveal scenes from a life that were once hidden within.

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Eventually, the tree then continues its life as a table. It works, breathes and stands proud. It becomes a place for people to interact, a focal point of social life, and even a part of the family. Exuding an aura of security and comfort. And everyone who uses it writes another page in its history.