& Water
Stefan Knopp's surface treatment techniques

Fire destroys, but is also a source of life. Its influence leads to a metamorphosis that Stefan Knopp has harnessed and developed into a specialised type of surface treatment.

He chars the surface by working the wood surface with a flame of over 1000 degrees: Cracks appear and reveal tensions in the wood, and hard structures emerge. The surface develops a smooth yet uneven feel, further emphasising the expressive power of the wood.

Resins, oils and lime are then applied to complete the work that again makes the tree a unique object unlike any other.

Igniting character.

The rose of Jericho looks limp and lifeless. But when it comes into contact with water, it begins to move. It changes its shape and blossoms. And much the same is true of wood.

After fellow wood enthusiast Torben Hansen had introduced him to his secrets, Stefan Knopp began experimenting with water as well. It soon became an endless playground for him: every type of wood reacts differently, and every part of the tree expresses itself in its own way.

When exposed to water, wood opens its pores – the perfect opportunity for Stefan Knopp to apply special pigment washes, bringing the wood to life and giving it a new face. A development that goes beyond the surface, penetrating deep into the wood's soul.

A deep transformation.